Itaipu Lake (Foz do Iguaçu), Brazil-Paraguay Border….

@V 850
@V 851
@V 852
@V 853
@V 854
@V 855
@V 856
@V 857
@ V 858

Thank you Ana for sharing this beautiful lake pictures. But i want you add me the front phase pics of Hydro electric unit and dam pictures too pls.


@V 869
@V 870
@V 871
@V 872
@V 873
@V 874
@V 875
@V 876
@V 877

Thank you ana for sending pictures again and complete the album. Its great to see the full view. Appreciate the same.



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  1. nehavermaa says:

    You really work Soo hard to get this perfect picture…. I should learn something from you….wow😃😃😃

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    1. Thanks i send credits to my friend Ana… from Brazil. I think you missed the last paragraph below pics i mentioned thanks to Ana. I do lots photography as well learning is a continuous process in dsily life.


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      1. nehavermaa says:

        Yeah I saw that now…but it’s for all your posts and not just this one….in general….

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      2. Thank you teachers appreciation always the best. I am glad to read . 🍀⚘🌷🌺

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      3. nehavermaa says:


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      4. 👍👍👍👍👌✌🍀⚘🌷🌿🌺🌹

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  2. Gleide Portela says:

    É um prazer compartilhar com vocês o imenso Brasil! breve atenderei seu pedido.

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  3. idjourneys says:

    I teach about this place! It is amazing!

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    1. 🌿🍀⚘🌷🌺🌹


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