Mount Merapi Errupts… Indonesia…

Mount Merapi in Indonesia,YogyaKarta once again errupts. Pictures from a Small village Called Magelang near Borobudar, Yogyakarta. This morning 7 to 8 am local time.

Watch the second video posted its so close and near for sure its very scary.

Wishing the people a very safe evacuation……


Merapi errupts
Masive volcanic ash blown up
Magelang Village
Ash all over
Big mushroom spreading up
Car wind shield

Watch this video till the end……

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  1. Gleide Portela says:

    Como fica a situação dos moradores?

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    1. There is less troubles as its a basic eruptions mostly with ash, once volcano errupts lava then real trouble starts. For now breathing also difficult.

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  2. Gleide Portela says:

    Obrigada pela informação. É realmente um fenômeno incrível!

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    1. You are welcome Ana ⚘🌷🌺

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  3. MaraWaka says:

    Holy crap. Did you take these photos?

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    1. No, my friends family live there its taken by some one around. They are just 4 kms from volcano. See the second video you will see how its started ……

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      1. MaraWaka says:

        Oh wow, I hope they are all right.

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      2. Yes all are fine . Govt evacuate all families from surrounding. Its the most active volcano in the world. I visited there few times in past but never saw this furious any time. …. nature is amazing we dont know when is next….

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