Japan~ Mythology

Dear Friends I am Sharing a very interesting video about Japanese Mythology- It Starts from way back in 8th Century, When buddhist monk Bodhisena arrived in japan, For the eye opening of verochana a 48 Feet bronze Statue.

The researchers & Philosophers Says most the dieties prayed in Japan are come from India. The foundation of praying deities are practices learnt from old traditional aspects absorbed from Indian culture.

Godess Saraswathi is the most Prayed in Japan. Lakshmi Yama Varuna also widely Prayed. Linking the nature to daily life.

Havan the offer to fire god Agni is a very Common ritual followed by most of the temple and its followers.

The history Pages are very interesting and even young generation must observe the mythology and the roots the traditions.

Many of us Sharing amazing information about Japan but not many observe this great Past links of the two ancient mythology links between the Japan and India.

Below is a research video from Benoy that links many old Steps of culture and heritage of the beautiful past and present. I am happy to share this video and request- blogging friends who are traveling japan and researching ancient heritage to Share more light on this topic. Discussion is kept open on the topic to learn more from friends. There is no arguments on the topic as this finds me of interest im sharing it here. Its history and pages are beautiful and amazing.

Thanks to Benoy for this amazing video and hope you will like this Clip. Happy Sunday & great evening.



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