Money Changer… 1

Yesterday i received this video from a very good friend and i was literally frightened to see the street side money changer.

The authenticity of Video is not confirmed from my side, i have no clue is it the life style and practice there. Its Somali Land not Somalia in North East Africa.

After seeing this video i quickly Google for more informations. I saw similar videos in you tube as well. So i plan to share it here.

Did any of the friends on WP visited this small country so please do share the views and pictures please.

Stepping back to discuss about the Life there, what’s the fate of ordinary people? How are they leading life when the money changers are changing cash like fruits and vegetables street side !!!

In our daily life we complain so much about our daily needs, shortages and please compare ourselves to the people living here and just imagine what exactly they are undergoing in daily life. Lets wish this country also grow and let this people live in peace too.

Big countries in the world fond of playing big games and here money getting exchanged in street sides. I cant think of their transformation to the new digital era filled with artificial intelligence,new innovations, most of it what about their health care ? O M G !

Can’t think of any more i let you watch this small clip and feel free to write your comments.



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