Sai Wan Swimming Shed…. HK 2…

This post is in continuation to my earlier post on 28th Feb. Im here with giving a short link to view the earlier post quickly.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed is the only shed that is still in service in Hong Kong. It was set by the government in the 60s to 70s in which regular swimming facilities weren’t common. It is on the brink of the Hong Kong Islands, outlining the Victoria Road and Mount Davis. It functions as a hybrid of swimming lot and photo-taking spot for photography lovers, for its vantage point which helps visitors see the small island to the West of the shed, the beacon and the sunset. Users could also get changed and store their personal belongings in the shed. After settling down, swimmers walk along the shed and start enjoying their laps.

@V 159

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The spot is also famous for bridal photography among Hong Kong females more loving spot. I noticed one lady walking down the stairs to get the most beautiful pictures on her memorable day, i will post the Sun set pictures from this spot when ever i get a chance next.

@V 164

Location West Kennedy Town, Sai Wan Swimming Shed. Central Dist, Hong Kong . In old days the Local Chinese used this small Bridge as a swimming and diving spot. So name remained as Swimming Shed.


History Pages:

View of the Swimming shed way back in 1960 s, its a famous spot even for Dragon Boat Race. I have two pictures in my collection I’m sharing below to viewers to see the Hong Kong’s History Pages.

To read more on the history of Swimming Sheds I’m providing a link below please browse for more details.



Pictures taken on Cannon S120 still the best handy small camera gives the best outputs.

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  1. Zankhana says:

    Pics are so beautiful!

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    1. Yes this is the best hidden place which is so beautiful in hk with beautiful sea view and mountain with greenery. Now a days its picnic spot and bridal photography point for new generation local youngsters. Its in continuation to my earlier post few days back. Cheers. Thanks for liking.

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      1. Zankhana says:

        I loved it much!!!
        I wish to see it!!!!😀😀
        When I grew up!!!
        Hope it sustains up!!!
        Your welcome!
        It’s my pleasure!!!!! 🎀
        Have a great day ahead ☺

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      2. Welcome to HK. Just write a line to me so i can guide you through. Any time. Cheers. Have a wonderful day and week end.

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      3. Zankhana says:

        That’s cool!!! Sure, Sure…. I’ll
        Wishes from India.✌😊❤

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      4. Welcome. 🍀🌷🌹🌟

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