Sai Kung ~ Waterfront, Hong Kong… 2.

The Sai Kung peninsula is known for its quaint fishing villages and hiking paths. One of the most popular destinations is Sai Kung town, where a busy floating seafood market supplies the al fresco waterfront eateries. Elsewhere, walking trails criss-cross 2 country parks, taking in sweeping views and volcanic rock columns at High Island Reservoir. Tai Long Wan Bay has quiet sandy beaches popular with surfers.

@V 147

@V 148

@V 149

@V 150

@V 151

@V 152

@V 153

@V 154

The earlier post of Sai Kung with beach side pictures on 26th Dec 2017 , here is a quick link to view…

Tbc… to the mountain side pictures in next post. Untill then…


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  1. interesting pictures!! thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Just now …I updated a small write up as well. You can read through to know more info.

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