Environmental Friendly ?!

Sydney blew up 8,000 kg of fireworks on 31st Dec 2017 night. Dubai scored a Guinness World Record by launching 479,651 firework shells in 6 minutes and these are just 2 countries only 2 cities out of 4,416 other cities that celebrated new year’s eve. Data not seen and available on how much fireworks used for big day celebration.

Not a single celebrity cringed. No one cried. Nobody’s pets had a problem. Instead there were selfies, smiles and joy all around. And the best part is that with such a gigantic production, the whole world must be totally oxygenated for weeks!

Feels so awesome, no?!

Where are the environment lovers ?

What about environment friendly new year ?

We are killing our own environment with celebrations is it a good game?

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  1. I don’t know that they have used that much fireworks. Though when I saw the fireworks display on the news, I noticed that the area of the display was quite huge and I thought that it was too much.

    Perhaps, if another country have done the same thing, then you’ll hear from those environmentalists…

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    1. No one cares my friend. Prevention is better than cure. Can any govt can do it. Forget about HK, i never mentioned it because its most polluted city already people use to it and dieing every day. Who and google air quality you watch daily you will know how negative poisonous air we breath. Good you noticed the air quality after fire works. Ordinary human can not stop it. Its each country govt must stop this habits. Its appeal to readers to raise voice. At least they stop some day. Untill then we can talk. Cheers and Good Night.

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  2. reemasandhu says:

    Yes very true, they believe in spending billions on awareness, campaign, whereas the real differs million aways.

    Ideology of protection is wiped out to craze of celebration where all fall to deaf surrounding but stands to protect the green to earn name and fame.

    It is real shame of humans to spoil the nature

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    1. Well said , make it loud let the govt listen to our saying too some times. Cheers


      1. reemasandhu says:

        Yes very true,
        They limit the common people but disrespect their own beliefs for protection of nature which they advertise with the organizations.

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