Memories of Wengen …. Beautiful Switzerland.

Wengen is a Swiss Alpine village in the Bernese Oberland region. It’s known for its timber chalets and belle époque hotels. The Jungfraubahn railway climbs to Jungfrau summit, with views of the Aletsch Glacier from the Sphinx observation deck. A cable car reaches Männlichen’s slopes and trails, with views of Eiger and Mönch peaks. South of Wengen are the Trümmelbach glacier waterfalls, accessed via underground paths.

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  1. reemasandhu says:

    A different look of world which is so chilled, amazing

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    1. Chilled weather but warm people


      1. reemasandhu says:


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  2. I absolutely love Wengen, such a pretty little village. I went in the summer, it looks beautiful in the winter in your post.

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    1. Yes always beautiful. Thanks for writing back . 💙💚💛💜


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