Universal Corner …. The Cemetery !

Every time I go to the cemetery I come across the same scene …

You can not tell who was rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, fat or thin …

But I know that everyone there had a life story and that what it was worth it was what was done in life, the teachings and the memories that left.

So I ask myself why do I want to be better than the other? Why fight for “things”? to live in conflict with those who should be loved? Why distill hatred instead of distributing love?

If at the end we end up there with nothing and what will be worth it will be the good things we did here …

Because the truth is that we have nothing, everything is borrowed !!!

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  1. sk8sandhu says:

    Reblogged this on The golden rule of our world and commented:
    Good evening

    The truth and reality of life.
    Treasure every moment of your life.

    Thank you

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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Very nice thank you

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  2. Naira says:

    Nice thought everything is temporary in this world,so enjoy life and don’t worry for tomorrow…god provided for everything..thanks..good evening…

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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Wonderful, well said, cheers , ✨🙏

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  3. reemasandhu says:

    Good afternoon
    Yes we are here to share love and happiness, as everything becomes precious if understand the value of time, we take nothing but can give everything and be happy.
    Thank you for sharing

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