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  1. reemasandhu says:

    Good evening

    Singapore is hot place but very much accommodated with facilities

    Enjoy travelling to Singapore

    Thank you

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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Sg very nice and super humid and hot , so one has to compromise some where …..

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      1. reemasandhu says:

        Yes but better with food compared to many countries

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  2. Nidz says:

    With good facilities, nice and english speaking people, beautiful places, Singapore is a nice Country. Enjoy the visit.


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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Yes sg is the best ……

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  3. Gleide Portela says:

    Que bela vista! quanto privilégio! Obrigada por compartilhar conosco!

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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      You are welcome, i appreciate , cheers.💜💙💚💛✨🙏

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