Himalaya Mountain Series is a big range of highest mountains and lakes also birth place of great rivers like Ganga , Brahmaputra and Indus. Ranges various countries like China ,Nepal, Bhutan ,India ,Pakistan .
I will be sharing pictures, stories and experiences of friends , relatives who travelled in Himalayas extensively in coming posts …….
More ahead…..
Till then, Cheers.

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  1. win4768a says:

    Himalaya, the sky high mountains’ having natural amusing. Thanks the posts 😇

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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      You are welcome

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  2. Khelzz says:

    Himalayas mountain range is amazingly wonderful.. the highest peak Everest for me looks so mysterious, hahaha, for myself.. i had been reading about it years back, i even had a collection of National Geographic mag about himalayas and everest. So interesting.

    Got good shots, i like all. Appreciate all pics, keep on sharing mercury. Waiting for more. Thanks 😊😉❤👍🏼

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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Thank you, soon to post more ….

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  3. reemasandhu says:

    Dear mercury,

    Very beautiful with amazing gaze of such mysterious place for pilgrims and hikers around that place.

    Nothing can map the area with reality on ground.

    Wonderful pictures.
    Thank you for sharing


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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Thanks for commenting, experiencing Himalayas is enchanting and mind blowing. Nature is divine , beautiful and no words to explain, cheers


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