Crashing Oil Prices pull down on DOW

USA markets have seen a day of mixed trading, as oil linked stocks suffer again but Pharma and Biotech shres helped life Nasdaq. USA oil prices ended at their lowest since August on growing worries about excess crude supply, pushing DOW member Halliburton and Chevron by 2.7 & 1.9 percent.

Dow Jones finished at 21,410, The S&P 500 was virutally unchanged at 2,435. While Nasdaq at 6,234.

We wait for the Market open on Thursday Morning in Asia that results in more changes for today on oil prices.

Untill then, have a nice day.


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  1. sk8sandhu says:

    Good afternoon,

    Dear mercury,

    Crushing oil prices bring oil to descending scope it became a part of game for last few years, one does not want anyone to survive , looser are the seller themselves however you play brilliantly .
    Thank you very much for sharing your views on oil market.
    Have a nice day

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    1. says:

      Thank you . you are welcome , appreciate your inputs as market is slowly declining . Hope issues resolve quickly .

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  2. Reema says:

    Hi mercury,

    Very informative.
    Price decline hampers the stock market.
    It will happen near 3rd quarter for realistic gains.
    Approaching oil price with surplus lying on high seas just like game of ore commodities in asia water for many years.

    Keeping an eye
    Thank you for sharing


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    1. ✨Smile✨ says:

      Yes true high seas is a mess and any thing can happen and any where it can be collapsed. Traders are always on bottle neck, who ever hedge the paper they are counting minutes too, result is in wrong direction, lets see asia closing today can bring more down fall, until then ….. cheers


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